Our staff

We believe it is important that you know who will welcome you and help you in case of need. For that reason, let’s introduce our staff:


Friendly and genuine he welcomes the guests arriving at the villa and apartments in Via Calvi, in Brugherio, and delivers them the keys. He can also give some tips on where to eat out.
He lives in the same street of the apartments and for that reason he will be available in case of emergencies. At the check-out he will also be the person to whom return the keys. In his spare time he likes to relax watching television and playing with his beautiful three-year-old child.


Imaginative and gifted with an artistic streak, he is also the painter who saw to the particular aesthetics and colors of the walls of each apartment and is responsible for coordinating all maintenance services. Always smiling and cheerful.
He is married to Sonia, the girl in charge of the reservations.
Being really dynamic, in his spare time he likes making creations – inventions or organizing barbecues with family friends.
He loves animals, especially dogs.


Cheerful and friendly couple who will welcome the guests arriving at the apartments of Via Cattaneo, in Brugherio, handing them over the keys at the check-in.
Ionut is a really clever handyman and a precious help. He is very gentle and polite and speaks three languages.
Emilia welcomes the guests arriving at the apartments of Via Cattaneo and Via Calvi, in Brugherio, and takes also care of the apartments cleaning, leaving them always tidy and good smelling. Ionut and Emilia used to live in Spain, before coming to Italy. They have two joyful and mischievous children.


He’s studying law and is working as a trainee solicitor in a law firm to become labor consultant.
He occasionally helps Cristian, Sonia and Veronica … and he is therefore the all-rounder of the group.
In his free time – which is limited, given that he’s studying and working at the same time – he loves taking care of his motorcycle and playing motocross.
He lives with Iro, a funny mongrel taken from the kennel.


She coordinates the staff and checks customers’ satisfaction.
Meticulous and with great attention to details, she’s jokingly nicknamed “Il Duce” (The Boss). Moreover, she is Federico, Cristian and Fabio’s aunt.
She is a retiree but at present she is working more than ever, because she’s available for all family members’ needs. In her free time, she loves dancing, especially traditional Breton dances.
She’s been married for 45 years with Carlo, called “Il Carlun” (Big Charlie).


He is a reserved and very kind person and, together with his family, welcomes the guests arriving at the apartments in Milan.
He lives in the same building so he can be of great help, even for tips on where to eat out.
He is married and has two really clever teenage children who often take care of welcoming the guests.


Delightful and discreet couple who will welcome the guests arriving at the apartments and villa in Salento.
They live in an apartment of the Marina di Ugento residence with two sweet children and a very good Labrador-like dog.
Marco is a clever handyman that you can contact in case of problems.


Meticulous and competent, they take care of giving all information prior to the reservation and of all the following administrative, contractual and bureaucratic aspects. For that reason, they will be the first persons you will deal with when you call to book. They will also take care of the possible extension of the rent.

SONIA will coordinate with the whole group and check the reservations, so that everything will be perfect when you arrive. Sonia is also Fabio’s wife.
She loves animals and takes care of abandoned dogs’ impasses.

VERONICA is in Brugherio office, in via Italia 44, which is the administration dept.

N.B. Upon reservation, Sonia and Veronica will ask for your papers, because they have to prepare the documentation required by Italian law in compliance with counterterrorism law. It is therefore a necessary fulfillment for everybody’s safety and a guarantee of the organization’s reliability.

Now that we have introduced ourselves,

we hope to welcome you soon as guests